The Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety in the Workplace, annually certified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems”, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management Systems” and OHSAS 18001:2007 “Management Systems for Health and Safety in the Workplace” Standards, evidence Gmp’s commitment to ongoing improvement as the Company’s strategic value and management model. Gmp feels responsible for providing the necessary human and material resources and for:

  • Meeting the legal requirements and regulations and the needs of the client, whose degree of satisfaction is measured periodically.
  • Taking appropriate measures to prevent harm and deterioration of workers and clients’ health through a department specializing in the Prevention of Risks at Work. This department manages the health and safety of employees and clients, complying with the applicable legal requirements and anything else needed to prevent risks to the health and safety of everyone interacting with Gmp.
  • Knowing the internal and external questions that might affect the context of the organization and could compromise the development of Gmp’s activity.
  • Analysing and reviewing the needs and expectations of the interested parties who interact directly and indirectly with Gmp’s activity and fostering good ongoing communication with these parties.
  • Fomenting the development and well-being of staff.
  • Trying to ensure improvement in productivity and competitiveness.
  • Promoting sustainable environmental management between workers, clients and suppliers.
  • Preventing pollution and contamination and maximizing the favourable impact of the Company’s activities on the environment.

Gmp is the only Spanish real estate company to boast the triple certification from AENOR for an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety in the Workplace.  In 2017, Gmp completed the process of adapting the Management System for Quality and the Environment to the new version of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards. At the time of preparing this report, Gmp had renewed the three certifications until 2021 and keeps its distinctive position.

Gmp’s integrated policy, a cornerstone of the Integrated System, establishes that Environmental Management, Quality and the Prevention of Risks at Work is the responsibility of each and every person in the company, and should be included in any activity they perform or order and in any decision they make.    

The integrated policy can be consulted here.

The Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety in the Workplace provides the appropriate information and communication channels and processes for the system, the integrated policy and the Company’s targets to be known, shared and met by all Gmp’s workers.

Quality management

Gmp’s buildings are managed every day by a team of professionals who are highly committed and oriented towards the client.

The Property Manager, a new post created in 2017, acts as the interlocuter between the client and Gmp.

The Facility Manager at each building or business park provides personalized attention and channels the effective solution to the requests of the companies located there. This person is responsible for managing all the work teams in the property: surveillance and security, hostesses, maintenance and cleaning staff.

The Client Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating the property and facility managers to optimize relations with clients.

In line with its quality policy, every year Gmp conducts surveys to measure the satisfaction of all its clients. The global results obtained in the past show a high level of satisfaction. In 2017, this stood at 4.1 point out of 5. Clients find Gmp is a serious, responsible, professional company that is committed to ongoing improvement. More specifically, the figure of the Facility Manager came out very well, with their availability, efficiency in resolving incidents, treatment, amiability and contribution to clients’ improvement, and obtained a score of 4.5 out of 5 in 2017.   

In compliance with Gmp’s quality standards, conservation, maintenance and improvement plans and actions are developed every year. The Company fully assumes the investments required to carry these out. Notable amongst the actions taken in 2017 are:

  • The installation of a large screen, with information of interest to users, in the lobby of Castellana 81.
  • The installation of an intelligent guided parking system at Parque Norte.
  • The replacement of air curtains with more efficient ones in the lobby of Alcalá 16.
  • The finalization of the process of sealing the joints on the façade of Barajas 1.
  • An increase in the range of value added services for clients through the creation of a new MEETING PLACE at Castellana 81 formed by an auditorium and eight meeting rooms.
  • The replacement of the perimeter fence at Condesa de Venadito 1.
  • The replacement of the marble on pedestrian ramps with a stone anti-slip material at Parque Norte.
  • Asphalting all the storeys in the car park at Luchana 23 and the ground floor of the car park at Condesa de Venadito 1.
  • The installation of informative screens in the lifts at Castellana 81.
  • The installation of a free WiFi service in the common areas of Castellana 81, Parque Norte and Iberia Mart I and II.
  • A new Building Management System (BMS) with more features at Alcalá 16.

Environmental management

Very much aware of its responsibility in preserving the environment and in the use of natural resources, since 2009 Gmp has been using an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard in it office buildings and business parks. This System aims to:

  • Protect the environment, through the prevention or reduction of adverse effects on the environment stemming from Gmp’s activity.
  • Foment and promote sustainable environmental management amongst its workers, clients and suppliers.
  • Maximize the well-being of the occupants of its buildings.
  • Comply with legal and other requirements in environmental matters.
  • Foment the improvement in environmental work.
  • Communicate the environmental information related to Gmp to the relevant interested parties.

The buildings are strictly monitored for measuring energy consumption and controlling the emission of gases into the atmosphere. In 2017 annual savings of 2.2% and 3.0% were achieved in electricity and natural gas consumption with respect to the previous year.

All the buildings have a management system for the waste generated by clients – paper, containers and organic waste – and for the waste generated by the activity of the property itself - electric and electronic waste, fluorescent lighting, oils, etc. Moreover, the buildings have a management system to control emissions to the atmosphere, waste and noise, and to optimize consumption of natural resources and raw materials.

Evolución del consumo de energía en los edificios Gmp

Every year strategies and actions to improve the environment at the buildings are planned, prioritized and implemented. Notable amongst the actions taken in 2017 are:

  • The installation of a system for monitoring consumption at Condesa de Venadito 1. This permits more exhaustive control of energy consumption and, by extension, its optimization.
  • The installation of an electronic external air filter system in the main air-conditioner at Luchana 23. This guarantees an improvement in air quality.
  • The installation of 13 recharging points for electric vehicles in Parque Norte.
  • The installation of leak detectors in the technical floor at Genova 27 so that immediate action can be taken if any water leaks should occur in the installations on this floor.
  • The replacement of the gasoil boilers at Iberia Mart II with natural gas boilers. This eliminates the potential environmental risk of gasoil spillage and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The replacement of all conventional lighting with LED on the external stairs, in gardens and street lights at Parque Norte.

Management of the prevention of risks and health and safety in the workplace

Gmp makes every effort to be a responsible organization that guarantees appropriate health and safety conditions in the workplace. This commitment takes material shape at all the buildings it owns in the form of a system of prevention of risks at work certified according to the OHSAS 18001:2007 “Management Systems for Health and Safety in the Workplace” Standard.

Last year, Gmp implemented different actions in this field to benefit its clients, suppliers and employees, notable amongst which are:

  • Drawing up and reviewing Self-protection Plans.
  • Drawing up the Firefighter Intervention Plan for Castellana 81.
  • The renovation and improvement of collective protection measures at several buildings, such as lifelines, banisters…
  • Training in first aid for Gmp’s employees.
  • Practical fire training for new members of the Company.
  • The implementation of a voluntary flu vaccination campaign for all employees.
  • Keeping evacuation times of occupants of the buildings in fire drills within the recommended limits.
Evolution of evacuation and drill times at Gmp buildings
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