Innovation, as a strategic value which aims to anticipate market trends, has been part of Gmp’s ADN from its very origins.

A forward-looking real estate company in the development of business parks at the end of the 1990s, Gmp was known for its turn-key developments at the beginning of the 2000s. In fact, at the time Parque Norte was the largest urban business park in Madrid and the first business city project to combine last generation technology with a prime location.

In 2009 Gmp was the first Spanish property-owning real estate company to obtain the triple AENOR certification for an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety in the Workplace. Today it still occupies a distinctive position in the market.

Since 2011 the Company has had a vehicle designed to foster innovation amongst all the members of its organization: Gmp INnova. This is an instrument that drives innovation at all professional levels and encourages the generation of ideas, the practical application of which brings improvements to products, services, processes and business approaches. Gmp INnova regularly communicates with all employees and invites them to think of and propose results-oriented innovation projects. It establishes a work framework so that each innovator can support their project with evidence of the improvement its application brings.

At the end of 2017, Gmp INnova had received 218 projects since it was launched, 47% of which were approved and, of these, 64% were implemented with quantifiable improvements.

It is worth highlighting some innovations applied to the Gmp’s buildings in 2017:

  • The installation of an advanced guidance system using cameras at Parque Norte car park, which offers a high degree of security, efficient guidance and separate control of each parking space. Moreover, this system indicates the exact place where a vehicle is parked, using its registration number or the parking ticket.
  • The architectural proposal for the façade of Castellana 77, whose object is not only aesthetics but also efficiency and sustainability, as it includes slats protecting it from direct sunlight. The slats can be illuminated at night and this emphasizes the prominence and visibility of Castellana 77 in its surroundings.
  • The avant-garde design of the Oxxeo building which brings the supporting structure of the floors to the outside. This maximizes the efficiency of the spaces inside, which are open and without columns.
  • The pioneering bid in Spain for people’s health and well-being with cutting-edge initiatives, such as the installation of a dynamic lighting system adapted to people’s circadian rhythms in the Oxxeo building and the start of the process to obtain the WELL Building Standard certification in the Core & Shell category at its buildings   Castellana 81, Castellana 77 and Oxxeo.

As regards the first of these initiatives, Oxxeo is the first office building in Spain with a system of illumination with dynamic lighting which makes it possible to change the temperature of the light (colloquially, light colour) during the day to correctly regulate the circadian rhythms of the people working in the building.

In respect of the WELL certification process, Oxxeo was the first office building in Madrid to start this process, followed by Castellana 81 and 77. In fact, Castellana 81 aspires to becoming the first WELL office building in Spain. WELL is the leading world certification for buildings exclusively focusing on people’s health and well-being and it is based on seven years of scientific, medical and architectural research. It is an innovative system founded by Delos and directed by the international WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), which was started in 2015.  It certifies that the model for the design, construction and operation of buildings integrates people’s health and well-being. It is based on in situ verification of the building in seven different areas: air, water, lighting, nutrition, promotion of physical exercise, comfort and the mind.

Castellana 77
Castellana 81 and Castellana 77
Infographics of work space at Oxxeo
Génova 27


In its 2014-2018 Business Plan, Gmp set the target of promoting the sustainability of office buildings to a maximum, with sustainability understood in a broad sense, encompassing respect for the environment, the economic viability of the properties and comfort for the people using them.  The target took material shape in obtaining the LEED certification for the office buildings in its historical portfolio under management and for the properties it renovates, whether they be buildings from its portfolio or new acquisitions. Granted by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED certification is the one with the greatest international prestige in evaluating the sustainable behaviour of buildings. This ambitious project was implemented at the end of 2013 and has involved a range of actions in the buildings, such as those aimed at reducing water and energy consumption, the optimization of the environment inside, the creation of parking spaces for efficient vehicles, for carpooling and cycles and the addition of specific measures in respect of the materials used and waste management in all the renovation and improvement work on the buildings.

In 2016 five buildings and a business park in Gmp’s portfolio - Génova 27, Iberia Mart I and II, Luchana 23, Hermosilla 3 and Parque Norte – obtained the Gold LEED certification in the Existing Building category. The Eloy Gonzalo 10 building, acquired in 2014 and with renovation completed in September 2015, also completed the process of its Gold Core & Shell LEED certification in the first quarter of 2016.

In 2017, the Castellana 81 building obtained the Platinum Core & Shell LEED certification, the highest distinction possible granted by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

As a result, it became the first and only Platinum LEED office building on Paseo de la Castellana. The same year, the Condesa de Venadito 1 building obtained the Gold LEED certification in the Existing Building category and the LEED certification process was undertaken for the Castellana Norte business park.   

Castellana 77, whose complete renovation was finalized in May 2017, has the Gold LEED certification in the Core & Shell category. At the time of writing this report, the certification process is being finalized and the building aspires to surpassing the gold level obtained in the pre-certification and positioning itself as the second platinum LEED building on Paseo de la Castellana, a level so far only achieved by Castellana 81, as we mentioned above, another building owned by Gmp.

The Oxxeo building, the new development, has the Platinum LEED pre-certification.

In addition to the above, in GMP’s commitment to achieving the highest levels of comfort for the users of its buildings, in 2016 the Company started the DIGA (Distinction Indicating the Degree of Accessibility) and WELL Building Standard certifications for its Castellana 81, Castellana 77 and Oxxeo buildings.

The first of the two certifications is granted by the Shangri-La Foundation and guarantees total accessibility to the buildings for the disabled, the elderly and pregnant women.  In respect of this, Castellana 81 and Castellana 77 obtained the highest five-star DIGA degree and became the first office buildings in Spain to boast the highest degree of accessibility. In 2017 Gmp started the DIGA certification process for five buildings and two business parks in its portfolio:  Luchana 23, Génova 27, Iberia Mart I and II, Condesa de Venadito 1, Castellana Norte and Parque Norte.

In relation to the WELL certification, as mentioned above, Gmp was the pioneer in Spain in implementing it in its Castellana 81, Castellana 77 and Oxxeo buildings, which were the first in Madrid to undertake the process of obtaining this certification. At the time of preparing this report, Castellana 81 was at the last stage of obtaining the WELL Building Standard certification and aspires to being the first office building in Spain to obtain it in the Core & Shell category.

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